Remote business meetings have become more common as workplaces become more flexible. The ability to work from any location in the world has opened the workforce to a greater pool of talent than ever before, including people who may not be able to travel to work due to physical limitations or family obligations.

There are some challenges that can cause disengagement and anger and, in turn, cause a decline in productivity. For example meetings can take a long time due to scheduling, time zones or technical issues. It can be difficult for employees to refocus on work after long meetings.

It’s essential to use the appropriate tools and proper manners to ensure that your remote meeting goes without a hitch. This includes using video to show everyone in the room. Also, it is important to adhere to the proper protocol for meetings, like being punctual and not responding to emails when a remote meeting is taking place. It’s also crucial to send an overview of the meeting to all attendees following the meeting so that they can keep track of the next steps and action items.

It’s equally important to establish rapport with remote key traits of an effective leader employees, and make sure that they feel valued. This can be done by starting every remote meeting by having a conversation that is friendly and casual by asking employees how they are doing and how they’re feeling about their personal lives. This is especially effective for those who are just starting out and who feel lonely or secluded when working remotely.